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A Day In The Life Of A Bitch (your bitch if you'd like ;))

Monday, March 3, 2008

7:17PM - i haven't been on here in so long...

well my facebook is gone...for whatever reason...it's been disabled...i do'nt know if thats permanent or what...but it pisses me off
myspace has been hacked so many times...i don't know

xanga maybe...this too...i'm gonna become addicted to the computer...

Current mood: aggravated

sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Sunday, January 30, 2005


got out of the fucking hospital on wednesday...i've been there since like new years eve...

wow...i'm not in a great mood right now...the family is fighting and yelling again...
...it sucks


Current mood: distressed

sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Comment to this post a memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want, and when you're done, put this in your lj and I'll write one for you

(2 stayed 4 da night....& maybe a bite...i showed them my favorite obsession...i'm creating a man...w/ blonde hair & a tan...he's good 4 relieving my tension! |
sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


People like you becuase you're unique!
What attracts people to you?

brought to you by Quizilla

sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me? or did you ever have a crush on me?
5. have we kissed??? if no, Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When’s the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
15. Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?
16. what is the biggest memory you have of me?

(7 stayed 4 da night....& maybe a bite...i showed them my favorite obsession...i'm creating a man...w/ blonde hair & a tan...he's good 4 relieving my tension! |
sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Sunday, August 15, 2004


yes so...in a few minutes....i'll be off to grandmas...over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house i go...lol
so i;ll be there 4 like 5 days i think...so yall had better call my cell!!! (cell # 1-847-894-6421)
ok well i'm off so i';ll ttyl!!! *muah*
i miss all of u already!!!

Current mood: tired

sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Friday, August 13, 2004


so...cec's party was awesome! it was super fun! i made a total ass out of myself..but hey...4 those of u who have a problem with that...i say but one thing...FUCK YOU!!! I DON'T CARE HOW DRUNK/STUPID I LOOKED, BECAUSE I HAD FUN!!! ok....maybe i say like 2 or 3 things...but oh well...the party rocked...the cops came bcuz of noise complaints...haha...yah...oops...and i like danced my fucking ass off...it was fun!!! yah...then i woke up the next morning...and i felt like i had a hang over or something...it was crazy...so yah...thats bout it...oh..the party also rocked bcuz i felt like i didn't have to worry bout nothing...it was great! i didn't have to worry cuz i was surrounded by many of my great friends!

so...later 2day...going to see The Village w/ a bunch of ppl...that should b fun...i heard it was a good movie :-D

hmmm...the other day...slept over @ katie's house...that was also mucho fun...it was funny...cuz kati and i stayed up all fucking night...and the convo we had w/ dez was pretty funny...i think i'll post it here...eventually...if i feel like it....but yah...hmmm....oh! a bunch of other funny shit happened while we were there 2....i'm just too lazy to write bout it here...haha...yah
click here 4 the convo
Read more...Collapse )

Current mood: hyper

sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me


Cadenza - show off.
You're a cadenza!

What musical term describes you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Current mood: bored

sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Friday, August 6, 2004


Two suffer face burns in chemical accident
By Bill Bird
staff writer
Two men who were cleaning a rooftop air-conditioning unit Tuesday afternoon on Naperville's north side suffered serious burns after a lye-based cleaning agent splashed onto their faces and into their eyes, Naperville fire officials said.
Paramedics rushed the workers, both 18, to Edward Hospital in Naperville following the 2 p.m. accident at Worknet, at 584 W. Fifth Ave., Assistant Fire Chief Michael J. Connors said.
Connors declined to identify the men, citing federal privacy laws. A spokeswoman for Worknet said they worked for Atomatic Mechanical Services in Arlington Heights.
The men were diluting a sodium hydroxide solution with water when some of the mixture apparently splashed into their eyes, Connors said. Sodium hydroxide, more commonly called lye, is a highly caustic chemical sometimes used in cleaning.
Connors said the men had "irrigated their eyes with water for 15 minutes" before firefighters and paramedics received the emergency call and took them to the hospital.
The men might have been fortunate not to have been working with pure lye, Connors said.
Matt Turk, executive vice president of Atomatic Mechanical Services, said the men were doing maintenance and cleaning on the Worknet air-conditioning unit. Turk declined to identify the workers.
A quick-thinking work supervisor used a garden hose to flush the men's faces with water prior to paramedics' arrival, Turk said.
"They just have some minor burns on their faces," Turk said of the two workers. "Other than that, they're fine."
Turk added he was not certain as to whether any of the solvent had gotten into either man's eyes. Both workers were released Tuesday afternoon from the hospital, he said.
poor ben :(
drkstar695: hey there
Bennyboy34: hey
drkstar695: sup?
drkstar695: hows life?
drkstar695: how is ben?
Bennyboy34: nothing much, life has been better but i'm feeling really lucky today
drkstar695: what troubles u my friend?
Bennyboy34: Two suffer face burns in chemical accident
Bennyboy34: that's about me
Bennyboy34: i have some first and second degree chemical burns on my face right now, but luckily my eyes are ok now and i won't have any permanent damage
drkstar695: poor ben
drkstar695: i'm happy ur gonna b ok though
Bennyboy34: Matt Turk was the other worker, if you know him or not from Viator
drkstar695: ::hugs::
Bennyboy34: yeah me too
Bennyboy34: it could have been so much worse
drkstar695: yes i know him
Bennyboy34: it was pretty bad, but nothing compared to what could have been
Bennyboy34: it was pretty scary though
Bennyboy34: and hurt like heck too
Bennyboy34: i've never been taken away in an ambulance before
Bennyboy34: we were in the ER for about 4 hours getting all these tests and other things done to us
drkstar695: oh god ben
Bennyboy34: nothing like an anti-inflammatory shot in the "upper hip" too
drkstar695: ?
Bennyboy34: when i was in the ER they gave me a shot in the "upper hip" aka your butt
drkstar695: ouch
Bennyboy34: yeah that was fun
drkstar695: it will be ok though which is good
Bennyboy34: yeah definitely
drkstar695: yah
drkstar695: hmm...
drkstar695: how is matt? is he ok?
Bennyboy34: yeah he's ok too
drkstar695: thats good
Bennyboy34: his burns are more spread out then mine, but he's ok too
drkstar695: i'm happy ur both ok
Bennyboy34: thanks
Bennyboy34: me too
drkstar695: yes
Bennyboy34: I'm pretty lucky to be able to see ok right now
Bennyboy34: the stuff we were using is stronger then acid
drkstar695: i know i'm just stating the obvious right now...but...that would really hurt...
Bennyboy34: yeah it was pretty bad
Bennyboy34: and we were on a rooftop, so if there hadn't been another guy up there we would have been so screwed
Bennyboy34: we would have never found water and the chemicals would have created more and more damage as time went on
Bennyboy34: and who knows how we would have gotten down
drkstar695: that wouldn't have been good
Bennyboy34: no i could have gone blind, seriously
drkstar695: i know
drkstar695: but i'm happy ur both ok
Bennyboy34: thanks
Bennyboy34: me too
drkstar695: yesys
Bennyboy34: i'll definitely have to go to church this sunday
drkstar695: ahhh!! no ben!!! not the evil cult..er i mean....not church!
Bennyboy34: haha i'm not catholic though, it's different for me
drkstar695: o ok
drkstar695: then its ok i think
Bennyboy34: yeah it's all good at my church
drkstar695: yay! a good church! (just when i thought there was no such thing)
Bennyboy34: nope there is, don't give up hope
drkstar695: yay!


Current mood: blank

sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Wednesday, August 4, 2004


bold those that apply to you

1. I can not draw.
2. I have strange eating habits.
3. I am currently obsessed with maroon 5.
4. I love xanga. (and lj of course)
5. I just ate a sandwich.
6. I am from a house.
7. I was born in October.
8. I enjoy reading.
9. I am not on anti-depressants.
10. I bite my nails.

11. I am in love with Johnny Knoxville.
12. I like English class
13. I've lost my cell phone twice.
14. I hope someday I'll find happiness.
15. I'm about 5'6''.
16. I like sports.
17. I am quick witted.
18. I often stare into nothing.
19. I like board games.
20. I appreciate gratitude.
21. I can usually sleep even when I'm not tired.
22. I am lazy.

23. I hate the smell of movie popcorn.
24. I constantly procrastinate.
25. I have done hardcore drugs before.
26. I drank alcohol before.
27. I wish I had better grades.
28. I love chocolate.
29. Stupid people amuse me.
30. I hate it when people judge others without knowing them.
31. I love hot chocolate.
32. I like kids.

33. I hate cabbage.
34. I dress casually.
35. I am judgmental.
36. I don't have a favorite television show.
37. I'm not a senior in high school.

39. I go to ECR.
40. I like Garlic Bread.
41. I am an optimist.
42. I love winter.
43. I haven't seen Marilyn Manson in concert.
44. I can be harsh.
45. It annoys me when people disrespect nature.
46. I am a hypocrite.

47. I wish I could vote in the 2004 presidential election.
48. I am trustworthy.
49. I wish I could play guitar.
50. I want to get my hair cut.
51. The silence after a long discussion when you're trying to think of what to say next is funny.
52. I burn my own cd's.

53. I am not passive.
54. The best thing about a guy is his personality.
55. I often put others before myself. (i'm working on this one)
56. I hate it when I don't understand what the lyrics of a song mean.
58. I am currently smoke-free.

59. I'm half korean and half white.
60. Stupid people really confuse me.
61. I like showers.
62. I love surprises.

63. I'm not fond of confrontation.
64. Sometimes I laugh about absolutely nothing.
65. The known makes me uneasy.
66. I am perfectly comfortable with knowing that I will eventually die.

67. I hate cold showers.
68. I speak just to fill silence.
69. I am afraid of not having control over my future.
70. I wish I could visit New York.
71. I like to keep life exciting.
72. I have ran into a tree.
73. I have walked into windows.
74. I like looking at and taking pictures.
75. I don't know how to play pool.

76. My favorite sport is basketball.
77. I learn song lyrics quickly.
78. I like candles.
79. I like school sometimes.
80. I am annoyed by phony people.
81. I have studied one language besides English in my life.
82. I don't have a favorite color.
83. I am avoiding homework.
84. I usually hold doors.
85. I have 1 sister.. That I know of.
86. I don't like it when people brag.
87. I had a bad camping experience.
88. I want to find love.
89. I like people with a really good sense of humor.
90. I like taking my time, yet I'm impatient with others.

91. I was just on the phone.
92. I like color coordinating my clothes.
93. My hair is brown.
94. I have never dyed my hair.
95. I reminisce to myself a lot.
96. I am fond of Dave Matthews Band.
97. I don't know who Saul Williams is.
98. I am not a needy person.
99. My bedroom is messy.
100. I don't like some fancy jewelry.

Current mood: blah

(2 stayed 4 da night....& maybe a bite...i showed them my favorite obsession...i'm creating a man...w/ blonde hair & a tan...he's good 4 relieving my tension! |
sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me


happy b-day cec!

(2 stayed 4 da night....& maybe a bite...i showed them my favorite obsession...i'm creating a man...w/ blonde hair & a tan...he's good 4 relieving my tension! |
sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Sunday, August 1, 2004


1. Your full name: Elizabeth Kristina Marie D'Urso
2. Were you named after anyone? my middle name is 4 both my aunts
3. Do you wish on stars? yes
4. Which finger is your favorite? middle
5. When was the last time you cried? umm...very recently...sumtime this week
6. Do you watch big brother? i watched it once
7. What is your favorite lunch meat? salami?
8. Any bad habits? yes
9. What's in your CD player right now? nothing
11. Are you a daredevil? sumtimes
12. Who has the best hair? eh....don't know don't care
14. Have you ever misused a word and it sounded absolutely stupid? ummm...now where should i start
15. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? somewhere over the rainbow...there is a happy little leprechaun w/ his little shelailee stick...and he has MY pot of gold!!!
16. Do fish have feelings? YES!!! AND SO DO TREES!!! (i'm serious!)
18. How do you release anger? so much rage...so few ppl lol
i dunno...various ways...poetry...drawing
19. Where are your second homes? a box
20. Do you trust others easily? yah its a curse i think
21. What was your favorite toy as a child? my stuffed bunny rabbit w/o a name
22. What class in school do you think is totally useless? RELIGION!!!
23. Do you have a journal? www.livejournal.com/~drkstar695
24. Do you use sarcasm a lot? haha yah
27. What are your nicknames? umm...zil
28. Would you ever bungee jump? perhaps
30. Do you think that you are strong? define strong...
31. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? vanilla
32. What's your favorite color? black or red
33. What is your least favorite food? cooked veggies...cept 4 corn
34. How many wisdom teeth do you have? 0
35. Who do you miss most right now? so many ppl
36. Who do you know that has the best sense of humor? eh...a lot of ppl
37. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back? yes
38. What are you wearing? clothes...
40. What was the last thing you ate? a bowl of chocolate rice crispies cereal
41. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? hmm...red?
42. How is the weather right now? cloudy
43. Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? kati
45. How are you today? a mix of emotions
46. Who is most likely to succeed? i think kati
47. Who stays up late? everyone
48. Most creative? ummm...me?
49. Favorite Drink? mountain dew
50. Favorite alcoholic drink? none
51. Favorite sport? ultimate frisbee or dodgeball
52. Hair color? technically dirty blonde..but currently red-ish
53. Eye color? blue-ish
54. Do you wear contacts? nope
55. Brothers & Sisters names? mike
What is your favorite month? don't really have one
57. Favorite food? pizza
58. Last movie you watched? the ring
59. Favorite day of the year? everyday
60. Summer or winter? fall
63. Friends closest to you? I love everyone, except 4 those that i hate...
64. Do you want your friends to write back? yes plz
65. Who is most likely to respond? you
66. Least likely to respond? a lot of ppl

Current mood: bored

sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

11:58AM - horoscopes 4 me 4 the past 2 days

Chinese Daily Horoscope for Snake:
Avoid ill-considered expenses and keep an eye on your budget. You'll have to show much patience and tolerance in order to prevent your sentimental relationships to reach the point of no return. It's useless to cultivate friendships that are not; you'll be right to prove more selective. Dermatological or hepatic disorders will be in recrudescence.

Western Daily Horoscope for Pisces:
Avoid as you do bubonic plague those who'll try to draw you into some sect or religious congregation. During this day you could meet the person of your dreams; and if you live as a couple, your relations will be unusually harmonious. For the sake of your good physical shape, cut down alcoholic or sweet drinks. You'll have great chances to obtain a promotion or a pay raise; if you're an independent worker, be careful so as not to take excessive risks.


Chinese Daily Horoscope for Snake:
You'll have the possibility to enforce certain of your ideas thanks to your increased determination. Beware of your rather impulsive behavior which might get you into useless difficulties. Your professional breakthrough will be spectacular. All steps of official character and actions of competitive kind will be very much favored. Restrain your expenditures of energy.

Western Daily Horoscope for Pisces:
Your moods are going to be fluctuant because of your difficulties in your professional situation. But the support of your family circle and your friends will be of great help. By carelessness or impulsiveness, you may bruise a muscle or get a sprain. You'll feel a strong craving for informing yourself, for learning, knowing, discovering. In spite of your terrible desires of spending, some of which are however totally justified, still think about saving up; keep a close eye on your bank account anyway.

Current mood: amused

(6 stayed 4 da night....& maybe a bite...i showed them my favorite obsession...i'm creating a man...w/ blonde hair & a tan...he's good 4 relieving my tension! |
sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me


yes...so...justin andrew just left. he's going back to indiana now :( i'm really really going 2 miss him and his random, silly, hot, sexy, goofy, guitar-playing, self. he made this summer a lot more fun 4 me, and i think he made it more fun 4 my friends 2...oh well...he's gonna b back here soon enough (i think thanksgiving).
so...neway...haven't updated 4 the past few days...so i'll fill yall in now
dez, kati, steph, and justin came over. justin arrived late. so dez, kati, steph and i had a water balloon fight :D. that was fun. then we went inside and we watched the ring. good movie, but i think i almost fell asleep haha. i didn't really pay attention 2 the movie at all really...yah...
irish music festival surrounded by the wee little ones, funfunfun, got 2 play hide n go seek...hahahahahaha...good game :) then went w/ kati 2 dez's house and watched part of wrongfully accused...good movie, very random (like me lol)...must watch the rest of it
went with steph and kati 2 rainbow falls, that was so much fun!!! we tried 2 tan...but kati and i got this god-awful sunburn...it hurts...it sux...but it makes me laugh...as long as it is not touched, poked, or rubbed lol...and then l8r, we went into the pool...and i got stuck trying 2 get out...i was a beached minow lol...then l8r we went 2 heritage pool which was fun! and then we sat out on the driveway...we seemed drunk...oh i 4got we went 2 a garage sale, i got 2 pairs of pants, a skirt, pair a shorts, and a shirt, steph got a flannel shirt, and kati didn't buy nething :(
and well...that's about it i think...
oh wait! i finally finished my book (Wicked: the life and times of the wicked witch of the west) twas a very good book...i loved it and i command u all 2 read it!!!

Current mood: hyper

(2 stayed 4 da night....& maybe a bite...i showed them my favorite obsession...i'm creating a man...w/ blonde hair & a tan...he's good 4 relieving my tension! |
sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Friday, July 30, 2004


so....this is why i don't have a boyfriend...
you feel secure in yourself, and your friends and interests fill up most of your time. You don't need a guy to make you feel special. But the kind of person who will make you happiest when you're ready will probably be someone who appreciates all of your passions and who has similar interests too.

Current mood: bored

sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

1:21PM - my daily horoscopes

The taste for risk, which always exists well within yourself, will come to the surface this time; try to remain reasonable. Love should burst into your life, even if you decided to close the doors of your heart for good. Don't let yourself be tempted by business deals which promise great profits but which in actuality offer few guaranties. Your latent anxiety will manifest itself once more, as often, by chronic intestinal pains; in a word, your intestines are the barometer of your physical and psychic state.

JULY 1st-14th
Heartwise, you'll have the desire of stability and solid commitments. If you live alone, an encounter is possible and even probable. This won't certainly be love at first sight of the movies, but a deep and important love story that has chances to become a long adventure à deux.
JULY 15th-31st
You'll be under the crossfire of the planets, some of them being very positive while others really disagreeable. Thus certain natives may go through difficulties in couple to such an extent that in some cases a pure and simple rupture must be envisaged. Others will know superb love at first sight. Others still will experience both!
If you suffer from arterial disorders, your state may worsen. In love, don't flirt with anyone else than your mate, don't talk about your old liaisons, don't say anything that may give rise to or maintain jealousy. A taste for easy money may induce you into very hazardous speculations. You can easily overcome a small cold by taking vitamin C.

JULY 1st-14th
Venus will be retrograde. There's no reason why this impact will result in noticeable difficulties in your love life. But you may not feel quite at ease in this domain. If you're married, everyday life will relegate the expression of sentiments into the background; you and your spouse as well will be preoccupied with other things. If you're single, you'll doubt what you feel, being attracted to someone only to become indifferent again a very short time afterwards.
JULY 15th-31st
With the support of Jupiter and Neptune in harmonic aspect, you should have no difficulty recovering an excellent contact with your spouse or mate. Even those of you who've gone through a delicate period will experience happiness à deux again. If you're single, open your eyes: this exceptional celestial combination could very well give rise to a very important encounter.

Your soft and often sensuous Snake personality demands kid glove treatment from any who might wish to get next to you. The Snake/Pisces impresses easily, which is why strong, brash lovers may maul you unintentionally unless they take steps to handle you with care, as any rare work of art deserves. Try not to become disillusioned when the elaborate fantasy life that you have constructed for yourself comes into contact with a sobering and unaesthetic reality, as it is bound to do from time to time.

Your true strength lies in your Piscean ability to navigate the line between the dreaming and the waking worlds. The intuitional skills that make you an excellent operative in this gray zone of the human endeavor also serve you well at any of the various spiritual pastimes that you are habitually engaged in. Beware -- do not call up any that you cannot put down again!

Ask a pro. Bounce any career-changing ideas off someone you trust before making a move. Single? Don't let a dude dump all of his emotional baggage on you near the 31st. Attached? Mars has you going all-out on the 6th. He's in for a wild ride.

Cosmic tip: Get more bang for your buck when Saturn's thrifty gaze helps you spot bargains on the 25th.

Dealing with a bossy person is never fun, especially on a day like today. Maybe you don't feel that you have the right to complain. But, Pisces, you certainly have every right to protect yourself from putdowns or abuse of any kind. Sometimes it's risky to stand up for yourself, but it's even more dangerous to quietly accept this kind of behavior.

Current mood: tired

sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Thursday, July 29, 2004


Daily Horoscope for Pisces - 07/29/04
You may reach the end of the rainbow only to find that, like Dorothy, what you wanted was in your own backyard all along. You're much luckier than you know. A few key events make you realize that it won't take much for you to reach your goals after all. Use a little initiative to gain a lot of mileage. Play by the rules as soon as you understand what they are.

Pisces Karma Profile

Pisces is called the Poet of the Zodiac for its dreamy, impressionistic view of the world, its romantic, idealistic ways and desires. As ruled by Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, those born under the Pisces influence tend to live inside their own minds a great deal of the time and have a largely subjective point of view. Pisces is deeply emotional and intuitive, often even psychic; it is a loving, giving and rather passive Sign with a real sense of the mystical side of life. Pisces has tremendous resources of empathy and compassion for others; the trouble is, with so much trouble remaining objective, Pisces may give far too much of itself to someone who is simply playing on its sympathy. This is Pisces? first Karmic task: To erect solid boundaries as a prevention against allowing all personal energy to be drained by serving others' needs, filling up others' voids and playing into others' sob stories.

Pisces? gift of connection is both a blessing and a curse; on one hand, it is the gift that makes this Sign such a noble, nurturing friend and lover, but on the other hand it gives Pisces a certain malleability of persona that is easily taken advantage of. Others may see Pisces as a pushover or a doormat, since this Sign tends to submit so readily to another's power or point of view. Pisces may also be overly dependent on others for guidance, structure or a sense of stability. Pisces must learn to ground itself and this is no small task for such a deeply emotional Sign.

Pisces is so emotional, in fact, that it can tend toward depression or fatalism; the weight of the world can be too much to bear for someone so sensitive. Many Pisces turn to escapist pursuits as a result; daydreaming is one rather innocuous form of escapism and creating works of art is quite a positive form, but Neptune also rules more powerful and destructive escapist pursuits like addiction, delusion and deception. In short, Neptune rules the intangible, so Pisces must connect with the tangible in order to maintain a healthy balance.

Pisces? tendency toward depression is also based on its unwillingness to dwell in the mundane world. Things like paying bills on time, keeping appointments and maintaining a full-time job can overwhelm Pisces as they work against its basic nature. Pisces doesn't exist on a linear plane of ticking clocks and scheduled activities; this Sign is far more free-form than that. Thus, Pisces tends to be impractical, which can lead to real trouble with bosses, bill collectors and others who expect Pisces to follow their rules. It is impossible never to enter the mundane world; Pisces must learn to navigate its way safely and effectively through the maze of day-to-day experience and to set aside time in which to indulge its ethereal nature. This is a rather tall order, but need not be overly daunting; Pisces lends so much help to others, it can feel good about asking for help in return.

Gemini can teach Pisces to take a less emotional, more intellectual view of people and situations; this will help Pisces decide which pleas are deserving of attention and which are merely sob stories to be ignored. Virgo can help Pisces learn to be detailed and efficient, and enthusiastic Sagittarius can help Pisces learn to turn all that abstract emotionalism into optimism and adventure.

yearly horoscope thingy

The astral climate will lighten. After a rather perturbed year which you've just gone through, you'll begin to feel clearly better about yourself. However, you'll still have to cope with the combined action of Neptune and Pluto. What attitude to adopt so as to reduce their noxiousness to the minimum? First of all, learn to show yourself extremely reasonable in all domains of your life. Next, useless to play at spoiled children, be it in your love life or in your work, for this would immediately prove detrimental to you. Finally, bank on your capacities of adaptation; the more flexible and capable to modify your projects at the last minute you'll be, the better you'll fare.


Pisces, the Sign of the Fishes, is the twelfth and last Sign of the Western Zodiac. It runs from February 19 to March 20, and is associated with the Water Element. Typical Piscean personality traits include a penchant for shyness and an abiding love and trust for all those who enter their charmed circle.

They are eternally romantic in the classic sense, and have a well-deserved reputation for stumbling over their own feet, due to their heads being up above the clouds all the time. This terminally mystical dreaminess gives them their strong creative streak, however, and also aids in their ability to understand and commiserate with the wishes, wants and desires of others. Unfortunately, the Piscean mind can easily lose touch with reality if left unchecked in its internal deliberations.

The female Pisces normally begins life with a slim figure, but may fill out nicely with the advance of the years. You have large eyes and an oval face, with clear skin and a warm and charming smile. You have an air of lingering mystery about you that can make you irresistible to the opposite sex if you play your cards just right.

Your aura of vague mental meandering hides a shrewd mind and a sensitive heart that clamor for attentive understanding from someone whom you can appreciate as your intellectual equal. You use your sense of humor to protect your fragile sense of self-worth from too much pummeling at the hands of a cruel world. You seek neither to dominate nor to be dominated by anyone in your life.

The female Pisces may appear on the surface to be a dangerously absent sort, but beneath your faraway gaze there lies a tried and true lover with a heart as big as all outdoors. You will need a significant other who allows you to focus all of your unfulfilled emotional yearnings upon them -- to provide a face and a name to feelings that you have always had but never been able to define until that moment.

You would prefer your prospective mate to have at least as great a sense of the romantic as you do. You may not know it, but once your position has been solidified by a permanent attachment, you will emerge as a stern taskmistress, able to convince others to take on and complete a variety of schemes that will serve to highlight your importance among them.

For people born under the Sign of Pisces, if love can be a dreamy state of fantasies and play, a magical tour of mind, body and soul, all the better. These spiritual folks like to combine the real and surreal, so that love with a Pisces person becomes a creative state where almost anything is possible. There is an electric quality to the Fishes that makes them almost magnetic in love, although their lover may not be sure just quite what it is about them that is so attractive.

This mysterious quality that Pisces people possess can be quite the aphrodisiac in the game of love. Pisces people also love unreservedly, and completely, for this sacred state is about the best that life on Earth can bring to them. Love can be scary for the Fishes, but when it's right, it's likely to transcend all limits and reach a brave new world.

Pisces people like seafood, champagne, organic foods of all kinds, romantic places, sunsets over the sea, mountain vistas, waterfalls, ponds and water lilies, background music, poetry, people who need their kindness and understanding, mystical settings, candles, incense, being loved and wanted, freedom to drift along from moment to moment, and their own uninterrupted personal privacy.

Pisces people dislike bright, noisy, crowded, popular places and dirty, ugly, garish objects, being told to get a grip on things and to stop being so absent-minded, stiff or otherwise restrictive clothing, all forms of legally constituted authorities telling them what to do or how to behave, and the wrong people knowing too much about their private affairs.

(i have found only some of this stuff 2 b true 4 me...but oh well...)

The Snake is the sixth Sign of the Chinese Zodiac, and is a Yin Sign associated with the Fire Element. Recent years of the Snake have been 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989 and 2001. Unlike Western perceptions of the Snake as a dubious creature at best, in ancient China the Snake was associated with wisdom and aesthetic beauty.

A person graced with the Snake personality may appear languid and serene, but inside their mind is always spinning at hundreds of revolutions per minute. They are great thinker, and excel at giving advice, even if they are no good at accepting it. Snakes are capable of bending the truth to aid their circumstances. Their ranks also contain a disproportionate amount of those with psychic talents of some sort.

The female Snake is witty and humorous, and can cut rivals down to size with just the right well-turned phrase from her forked tongue. You are also captivatingly beautiful, and are used to getting your own way in things -- which is why you are capable of throwing a temper tantrum or two if balked on the odd occasion. You are free of the vice of false modesty, as you have it, flaunt it, and make no bones about it.

You prefer your home space to be an inviolate nest of comfort, as place to recharge from the stresses of the day. Those who wrong you will meet with intense vengeance somewhere along the line, as you are never quick to forget a slight. You have a feminine wisdom that is swift to penetrate to the root cause of every phenomenon.

The female Snake is intensely passionate -- you live for love, as long as they love you more than you love them. You prefer to consider yourself the center of your current flame's existence, and this could produce friction that will explode the relationship. Flirt that you are, you like to make sure that your sexual arsenal is still up-to-date and lethal.

You are the queen of affairs and intrigues, and will continue to be so long after you will have been supposed to have "settled down," even if operations have to be conducted on the sly so as to avoid censure. Paradoxically, you expect absolute fealty from your partners, even in the face of your own indiscretions. Should they become too dependent upon you, however, they will lose your respect

Snakes are beautiful people who exhibit a large amount of raw sexual appeal. They are sleek and seductive, and if they want you they will cast an emotional spell on you that won't let you stop thinking about them. However, Snakes are quite prejudiced when choosing a partner and don't just choose based on physical qualities -- they need a meeting of the minds as well.

The Snake needs a partner who can appreciate their quirky sense of humor and their oddball method of handling difficult situations. Generally, although quite beautiful and tempting to approach, the Snake does all the pursuing, picking, choosing and selecting. In the end, they will slither off with just the right mate for themselves.

Snakes are highly aesthetic people with very firm beliefs about what is beautiful and what is not. They like to stay in their cozy home nests. The favorite color of the Snake is red, and their corresponding gemstones are jasper and bloodstone. They are quite keen on binoculars, exotic oils and balms, and stamp collecting. They also enjoy astrology, painting, going on long vacations, and amateur photography.

Snakes dislike being interrupted while they are talking, or indeed having their own opinion on something being challenged in any way. They also don't take kindly to being misled or lied to in any way, especially where their personal life or private business may suffer in some way because of such incorrect information. Snakes will make enemies pay dearly for any sort of detrimental intrigue or infringement on their perceived prerogatives!

Water can do much for the affability quotient of any Sign, but for the Snake that goes double. The Water Snake is a sweet talker that can charm the charmer -- you could even go so far as to sell iceboxes to Alaskans. You excel at persuasion because you are able to conflate the ideas of others with your own, and can always come up with the right word at the right moment.

Your hesitancy to act before all is in readiness makes you even more immobile than the rest of your reptilian kin, but don't let that hurry you unduly -- quality does take time, after all. You are also extremely suave and have a flair for fashion, which, added to your gift of the gab, makes you practically irresistible to the object of your desires. The mirror never lies.

haha there we go...almost all of my info 4 horoscopes in 1 entry...i'll prolly add even more l8r haha

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(6 stayed 4 da night....& maybe a bite...i showed them my favorite obsession...i'm creating a man...w/ blonde hair & a tan...he's good 4 relieving my tension! |
sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me


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sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

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sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

Saturday, July 24, 2004


so...last nite was katie's party! it was fun!!! it was a costume party...and i was a gothic...person/witch thing...it rocked..it was fun! then ppl left & sum of us slept over...(me, cec, steph, alison, and katie of course:) ) it was awesome...we stayed up till like 7 AM playing DDR...which is fun...
...l8r today...steph and i is gonna go 2 this block party in mt. prospect...shall b fun!

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(2 stayed 4 da night....& maybe a bite...i showed them my favorite obsession...i'm creating a man...w/ blonde hair & a tan...he's good 4 relieving my tension! |
sticks & stones may break my bones but whips & chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that u like me

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